Iceland volcano eruption, Blue Lagoon & a bubble stay

One of the most unique tours in the world

Iceland volcano eruption, Blue Lagoon & a bubble stay

In this absolutely breath-taking tour you will get a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see an active volcano and lava streams



You will be picked up around 8:30-9:00 in Reykjavik. After a fifty-minute car ride, we’ll arrive at the parking lot and start the hike, which takes about two hours in the Geldingadalur valley.

We will have an hour to spend at the Fagradalsfjall volcano to take in the sight of the freshly erupting gleaming lava rivers that have been active since 19th March 2021.

According to early data, the lava erupting from the volcano is the oldest lava that has emerged in Iceland for 7 000 years.



The Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland’s most popular places. The waters of the lagoon are not just beautiful but they are also good for the skin due to the minerals found in them.

The temperature of the lagoon is very comfortable, averaging 37–39 °C. The water gets its otherworldly color from the silica it contains.

The regenerative qualities of the water are due to its richness in silica and sulfur. After bathing, we’ll have dinner at the Blue Lagoon.



After dinner, we will drive to the final stop of the tour. The last visit will be at a bubble for a night’s stay.

All the bubbles are located within a short walking distance from our service house, which contains two toilets and two showers.

All the bubbles are transparent, so you can enjoy the midnight sun from your bed!

Details for this tour


Guided (English) tour on Suburban luxury SUV or similar. Max 6 people per tour. “Premium” ticket to the Blue Lagoon. One night in a bubble (2 adults per bubble) and free pickup & drop off in Reykjavik. Breakfast and dinner not included in the price.


The availability of this tour is based on the availability of the bubbles.  We only have 9x fully transparent bubbles to use for this tour. This means you need often to book many months ahead as we often get fully booked very fast.

Minimum number of participants

There needs to be a minimum of 2 participants for the tour to run.

There is a solo-traveler booking fee built into the calendar.  This is required for all guests booking as 1 person.

Not included

No meals/food is included in the tour price.  We make one official stop for dinner on the evening of the tour where guests may purchase a meal.  Please contact us for more information on food while on the tour or see our FAQ.

Restaurant locations/options are subject to change.


The difficulty of the tour is moderate, but a lot depends on the weather circumstances. During the winter, the paths might become icy and slippery.


The price is ISK 69.900 (approx 561 USD/467 EUR) per person.

Solo-travelers are required to book with a solo fee by selecting it from the drop-down menu

Be treated like a president

Each of our Suburbans has 6 seats so we can max have 18 passengers for 9 bubbles each day.
These SUVs are the same as US presidents have been using for decades except we don't have the bulletproof version!

Add extra packages to your tour

Select a package you like. You add this in the booking process.

Easy going

Add this non-alcohol sparkling tea to your experience. It will be waiting for you in a cooler container in the bubble.

Price: 4,500 ISK

A little treat

Add our Little treat package and receive a cheese plate, with an accompaniment of crackers and grapes.

You will also receive a gift of six 330ml bottles of local craft beer from Ölvisholt Brewery, chilled and waiting for you in your bubble.

Price: 10,000 ISK

Special moments

For those memorable moments add our romantic rose petal setup to the bubble for your special occasion stay.

As well as strawberries, and grapes, there will be a complimentary chilled bottle of Prosecco waiting in a cooler on the leather box upon your arrival.

Price: 15,000 ISK

Book Here

Tour pickup at 8:30 am from a chosen location in Reykjavik. Check out the following day at 08:30 am with arrival back in Reykjavik around 10:00 am the morning after. All timing is subject to change.

There is a solo-traveler booking fee built into the calendar.  This is required for all guests booking as 1 person.

What to bring with you?

Warm, waterproof clothing including hats and gloves.
Hiking boots.
Water and lunch/snacks for the hike.