10 of our favorite Icelandic beers

By Taylor van Biljon

When you’re kicking back in luxury in one of our private Bubbles- nothing chases the Northern Lights quite like a cold Icelandic beer.

10 of our favorite Icelandic beers

By Taylor van Biljon

When you’re kicking back in luxury in one of our private Bubbles- nothing chases the Northern Lights quite like a cold Icelandic beer.

10 Icelandic beers was no small feat to choose- because Iceland is full of artisanal microbreweries, beer pubs, and culinary treats for any palate. So instead of ranking them outright, we’ve chosen a few special favorites, that any beer enthusiast should seek out on their Icelandic adventure.
Because what goes better with relaxing, than a cold Nordic brew?

1. Lava (Smoked Imperial Stout 9.4% ABV) - brewed by Ölvisholt Brugghús, Selfoss

Ölvisholt Brewery Beer Selection
A selection of Ölvisholt brews on ice in a Bubble!

This old dairy farm was repurposed into a microbrewery by two farmers with a passion for good brews. Because of that passion- you can enjoy this and many of their other beers right outside of your own Bubble, as they’re just in our backyard! Make sure to book ahead to tour the brewery, and walk right over to try one of their award winning brews. 

One of our favorites is Lava, a smoky black beer with a thick brown head, named for the slumbering Hekla volcano that you can see from the brewery, and the Bubble. With delicacies like this, it’s not a stretch to say that they’re our favorite neighbor.

(Don’t have room in your schedule for a brewery visit? Add our “little treat” package to your booking and we’ll have 6 bottles of Ölvisholt deliciousness chilled and waiting for you in your Bubble!)

2. Icelandic White Ale (Wheat Beer/Witbier 5.2% ABV) - brewed by Einstök Ölgerð, Akureyri

On a quest to make the best white ale of all time- the Icelandic White Ale by Einstök was born. This brew brings hints of coriander and orange peel to the table, along with rich Bavarian noble hops. This beer has brought home many awards, including Double Gold status at the 2018 New York International Beer Competition, not to mention Einstök’s “Iceland Brewery of the Year” award, which is high praise in a country with so many brewmasters.

Brewed just 60 miles south of the Arctic Circle, all of Einstök’s ice cold brews taste great from the warmth of your own Bubble, wrapped in a frosty Icelandic night, counting endless stars. 


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3. Nr. 8.2 Surtur (Imperial Stout 14.5% ABV) - brewed by Borg Brugghús, Reykjavik

SURTUR Nr. 8.2 Beer by Björn Árnason for BORG Brewery
(Photo Credit: Björn Árnason)

Named for Surtur, who is said in ancient text to come from the south, wielding a flaming sword to end the world in Ragnarök. This rings true, as this Surtur comes from Borg Brewery in sunny Reykjavik, and may be the end of your searching for Imperial Stouts! Wielding undertones of burn sugar and fire roasted corn, we chose this Surtur for its aging process in bourbon casks.

An award winning favorite, there are multiple Surturs (you will know them by the numbers on the label), and each tells a different tale. While you recline in undisturbed peace in your Bubble- see if you can try them all! (And report back on your favorite- we might need the info to resolve a few discussions.)

4. Kaldi Blond (Pilsner/Czech 5% ABV) - brewed by Bruggsmiðjan Kaldi, Árskógssandur

Kaldi is a classic, and happens to be one of the most sold bottled beers in all of Iceland, so you know we’re drinking it. This was the first blond brew to come out of Bruggsmiðjan Kaldi, so it is a bit special to us. Brewed in the Czech Pilsner tradition, Kaldi is labeled this way, but can also be described as a Lager. Made from pristine mountain spring water in northern Árskógssandur, Kaldi is one of the first microbreweries to begin on our little island. Pick up a Kaldi in any bar, and don’t forget to bring a few back to the Bubble, like a true Icelander!

5. Víking Gylltur (Lager/American 5.6% ABV) - brewed by Víking Brewery/Vifilfell, Akureyki & Reykjavik

10 of our favorite Icelandic beers
Friends drinking beer in pint glasses outside

Picture it- you’re at the bar in a busy little Icelandic pub, looking over the taps, and everybody’s got a frothy golden pint of Víking. Is this lager a rare find? Perhaps not- but it IS the true Icelandic experience of nights out, nights in, and all other manner of memory. Kick up your feet like a local and give thanks- for Víking is not only available on tap in your favorite watering hole- it’s also available to go from the nearest Vínbúðin! And just like a true Víking from the tales of old- it gets the job done, and comes home golden.

6. First Lady (IPA/American 5.7% ABV) - brewed by Lady Brewery, Reykjavik & South Iceland

Photos of four bottles of the beer First Lady by Lady Brewery
(Photo Credit: Lady Brewery.)

Another southern treasure, Lady Brewery is the first all-female run microbrewery in town. A sustainable brewhouse that cares about their home and their impact, Lady Brewery takes care to work closely with Icelandic farmers for their ingredients, and partners with handpicked local businesses. This aptly named first brew is not just a delicious memory of summer- but it is also an investment in the future of good work, good ideas, and good beer.

7. Eilífur (Pilsner/German 5.2% ABV) - Ölverk Pizza & Brugghús, Hveragerði

Two people drinking bottled beer outside
(Unsplash. Photo Credit: Taylor Grote.)

Another notable neighbor, Ölverk Pizza & Brugghús is a must see. Not only do they care about the careful crafting of good beers, but also pizza! (Who doesn’t love pizza and beer?) Their family owned microbrewery is powered by geothermal energy and tucked away in the steamy town of Hveragerði- a place where you can bake bread in the ground! We’ve chosen their golden German style Pilsner Eilífur as our favorite, but they have a shade and flavor for every taste. Call in advance for a tour and pizza tasting- or even learn how to brew yourself!

8. Álfur Belgian White (Wheat Beer/Witbier 5.2% ABV) - brewed by Álfur Brugghús, Kópavogur

Big fans of seasonal change and holidays, the crew over at Álfur are always working hard to produce new brews to mark the time. Their Belgian White is a spicy, citrusy classic- but depending on when you are here, they may have something special out! Don’t forget to check- because true to their name, one should raise an elven brew to your hidden neighbors when staying out in our wild countryside Bubbles. Maybe leave one out for them as well- you never know.

9. Kisi (Pale Ale/New England 5.5% ABV) - brewed by Malbygg, Reykjavik

A glass and can of the beer KISI by MALBYGG outside on the grass.
(Photo Credit: with permission from @malbygg Instagram.)

Another Reykjavik treasure, Malbygg has put out a number of hits- but Kisi is a big favorite! Citrusy and hoppy with a hint of pineapple- Kisi is certainly a holiday brew if there ever was one. Don’t forget to call ahead for a brewery tour if you want to see where it comes from, and definitely don’t forget to snap a photo- Malbygg’s label art is top notch, and looks great in front of a glowing luxury Bubble hideout.

10. Tómatbjór (Tomato Beer) (Wheat Beer/Witbier 4.8% ABV) - brewed by Ægisgarður for Friðheimar, Reykjavik and Reykholt

Woman drinking beer outside
(Unsplash. Photo Credit: Fabio Alves.)

Just nearby in the Golden Circle, is Friðheimar, an ultimate Icelandic experience. Famous for their horses and their voluminous greenhouses that you can feast on tomato themed dishes in- you won’t be surprised to hear that among their many tomato treats, they ALSO host tomato brews! Brewed for them in Reykjavik by Ægisgarður, these brews are special and may change depending on season and availability. Dining at Friðheimar is phenomenal on its own- but to finish a tomato lunch with a tomato dessert and a tomato brew? Unparalleled. (Look out for the green tomato and cucumber beers as well- a taste adventure all on its own, just 45 km. away from your Bubble!

A Fresh Brewed Tip:

Christmas lights illuminating snow
(Unsplash. Photo Credit: Kelly Sikkema.)

Iceland loves seasons! Keep an eye out for the release of the long awaited holiday beers like Jóla Bjórs at Christmas or Páska Bjórs during Easter. If you visit us in the summer, make like an Icelander and get out there in the Midnight Sun to enjoy a brew on your Sumarfrí (Summer holiday)! Around this time, many breweries release a limited summer inspired beer to celebrate the return of the sun, and the warmer weather. You’ll want to enjoy a few of these fleeting treats before pulling on your sleeping mask for a bright snooze in your Bubble!


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