No, the two are two different airports!  Reykjavik airport is the domestic airport in Reykjavik.  Keflavik airport is the international airport (and the only international airport in Iceland) in Keflavik, about 1 hour drive from Reykjavik.
As long as you behave properly after drinking and do not disturb other guests, yes.  Please use the Service House for drinks and food instead of the bubbles. If you disturb other guests with noice, party or other unacceptable behaviour, you will be asked to leave.  That applies whether you have been drinking alcoholic beverages or not!
If you are looking for bright summer nights, then it´s from mid-April to mid-August. If you want to hunt for the northern lights, then it´s from mid-August to end March.
Yes they are.  You also find duvets, pillows, blankets and sleeping bags in each bubble.
When you book you can see how many people each bubble has allowance for. Most fit for 2 adults but in some you can add 1 or 2 extra person (Maria and Valdis).
If the areas are grey or red it means that the date is fully booked.   Green areas indicate dates with availability.   Please note we do not have a waiting list.  If we get cancellations the dates are opened in the booking calendar on our website.   Last minute cancellations are posted on our Facebook site
Yes it is and you do so here    When you book accommodation only you need to rent a car and drive to the location yourself.   The drive is 1.5 – 2 hours from Reykjavik.   Please note there is no pick up/drop off service when you book accommodation only.  Please also note that there are no public transportation to / from the bubbles so self-drive is your only option.

For the Golden Circle, bubble and floating tour:   48 hours before departure without penalty.  Cancellations received less than 48 hours prior to departure will be charged full price.

For the bubbles (accommodation only):  24 hours before arrival you get 75% refund.  Cancellations received less than 24 hours before arrival will be fully charged.  When booking is made we have a 15% confirmation fee that is non-refundable of all bookings.

Everyone is welcome on the tour.  However, if you want to bring a toddler/child under the age of 15 it is up to the parents to decide whether he/she is up for a long day tour.  Please also note that the lagoon is very warm and not suitable for young babies. Also if you are planning on bringing a toddler on the tour, please notify us in advance so we can have a suitable car seat ready for him/her.    The price is 59900 ISK per seat, regardless of the passenger´s age, see also: “How much does the tour cost?”
There is no food included, neither when you book accommodation only nor when you book the tour.   You need to bring your own food with you.  There is a kitchen and a dining area in the Service House.  Please only use the Service House for food and drinks, not the bubbles.
Yes.  There is a lamp and you can charge your mobile phone there.  There is also electricity in the Service House where you find the toilets, showers, kitchen and dining area.
No.  This is the Secret lagoon  and it is 20-30 min drive from the bubbles.  The Blue lagoon is on Reykjanes peninsula and close to Keflavik international airport.
Please do not bring your whole luggage on the tour.   Neither the car nor the bubble has enough storage space.  Please only bring necessities in a backpack.  If you don´t have a place to store your luggage, you can store it at BSI bus terminal in Reykjavik, see here
As we are dealing with nature it is impossible to say exactly when.  The best months to hunt for the lights are September – March.  Here is a good article on this topic
No!  Any kind of open fire is fully prohibited! Therefore, no candles, no BBQ or any other type of open fire! 
Yes there is a parking space within a walking distance from the bubbles.
There are no public transportation to/from the bubble area.  Therefore you either need to rent a car and drive yourself (1.5 hour drive from Reykjavik) or book a tour with transportation
You can see the prices in the booking module here .
The price is 59900 ISK per seat, regardless of the passenger´s age.  So if you are for instance 2 adults, one 12 year old and one 2 year old, you need to book 4 seats.
Please use currency converts like this one for instance
Each bubble is surrounded with trees so you don´t see the next bubble. 
Yes in Reykholt we have Cafe Mika. We love their lobster soup:) At Fludir (10 min drive) we have a restaurant at the Icelandair hotel.
Yes it is very safe. Around the entrance is a metal frame so the bubble will never go all the way down in case of emergency. The plastic is certified as low-flammable.
In winter the roads can be slippery and with snow, even blizzards. If you aren´t used to driving under such conditions we strongly advice you from self drive and book the tour instead.  If you decide to self drive, please read these sites carefully and  Please note that off road driving is prohibited in Iceland!
The Service House (Hark og Hamingja) is located close to all bubbles.  There you find two toilets, two showers, kitchen facilities and dining area.  The kitchen is fully prepared like any standard kitchen and has for instance a fridge, pots, pans, dishes, glasses, dishwasher, coffee maker and a toaster.   You can bring your own food and cook and of course you have to clean up after yourself 🙂
Smoking is fully prohibited in the bubbles and in the Service House.  
Yes and you can contact them here 

DAY 1: Pick up is between 12:30 and 13:00 in Reykjavik.  Please don´t bring all your luggage on the tour, only a backpack with necessities.  You can store your luggage at BSI

First stop: Thingvellir National Park (45 – 60 minute stop), Second stop: Geysir hot springs (45 – 60 minute stop),  Third stop: Gullfoss waterfall (45 – 60 minute stop), Fourth stop: Dinner at Café Mika (, arrival between 6 and 7 pm (please note food is not included in the price), Fifth stop: Floating in the Secret Lagoon (float for 1 – 1.5 hour.  Afterwards we boil eggs in hot springs, taste freshly made bread with tomatoes and cucumbers from the local greenhouses, brennivín and fermented shark.), Sixth and final stop of the day: The Bubbles (Arrival around 10 – 11 pm.   You get comfortable in your bubble and spend the night under the sky.)

DAY 2:  We leave the bubbles at 8:30 am and head to get breakfast (15 min drive).  Please note breakfast is not included in the price.   We depart for Reykjavik around 10 am and drop off in Reykjavik is around 11:30 am.

More information on the tour:

We ONLY pick up and drop off within Reykjavik.  Therefore we can´t pick up/drop off at Keflavik airport or any other location.   If you don´t have an hotel as your pick up /drop off place then BSI bus terminal in Reykjavik is an ideal location for pick up/drop off.
Not Keflavik international airport, no.  It is almost one hour drive away from Reykjavik and we only do pick up/drop off within Reykjavik.  Please note there is only one international airport in Iceland.
The price is 59900 ISK per seat, regardless of the passenger´s age.  So if you are for instance 2 adults, one 12 year old and one 2 year old, you need to book 4 seats.
Most of our guests who are on the tour get an aluminium structured bubble (UFO).  It is possible to make a special request which bubble you like but it´s no guarantee that we can make it happen.  It all depends on the availability each time.
When you arrive at the bubble there will be a towel for each guest.  If you go on the floating tour, you either need to bring your own towel or rent one at the lagoon.
When you book accommodation only, you need to rent a car and drive to the bubbles yourself.  It´s around 1.5 hour drive from Reykjavik. We recommend 4×4 on spikes in the winter time. Please note that there are no public transportation to/from the bubbles. When you book the tour you get transportation to and from the bubbles.
Suburban jeeps 
No we don´t.  If someone cancels the day will automatically re-open in the booking module.  Last minute cancellations are posted on our Facebook site
We don´t give out exact location until booking has been made in order to secure our guests´ privacy.  We can though tell you that they are located within the Golden Circle route.
No not at all. The bubbles are in a private farming/forest area.