Short summary for this overnight tour

Tour pickup at 11:30 (AM) from chosen location in Reykjavik. Checkout the next morning at 8:30 (AM) with arrival back in Reykjavik around 10:30 (AM) the morning after. All timing is subject to change.


Around 2 hours from Reykjavik, we will stop at this beautiful waterfall for about 45 min


We will stop for about 45 min at this spectacular waterfall


We will stop for about 45 min at this breath-taking black sand beach


Final stop at the Bubble Hotel for the evening


The first stop on the tour is at Seljalandsfoss waterfall. If you’re feeling adventurous be sure to walk the steep staircase to view the gorgeous waterfall from behind. This is also a great photo opportunity!

At 65 meters high, this waterfall has breathtaking views of roaring glacier waters and the birds that call this place home.

And do be sure to bring along your raincoat if you plan to venture behind this waterfall! The mist coming from the falling water is sure to wet your clothes through, but this is also a great way to create a rainbow effect so keep an eye out.


The next stop along this tour is Skogafoss, only a mere 30 kilometers from Seljalandsfoss right off the main Ring Road. At a whoping 60 meters high and 25 meters wide, you can feel the power.

You will have the choice to walk up close and personal or take the 60 meter staircase to the top and view the falls from above. Either way, you are sure to get some amazing views. If you choose the up-close option, be sure to protect yourself and your camera from the massive mist cloud that forms at the bottom of the waterfall.

Also here, you will see the many bird species flying around and nesting in the cliffs, but also you may see a stray sheep or two that can wander over from the nearby farm.


Moving away from the waterfalls, the tour will make it’s way further down the coast to Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach located in the small coastal town, Vik. Known for it’s black colored sand and ginormous basalt stacks, you are sure to get an amazing photo here.

Though you may not first think of Iceland when you think of going to the beach, in 1991, National Geographic voted Reynisfjara as one of the Top 10 non-tropical beaches to visit on Earth.

It is not hard to notice the rocky basalt sea stacks, named Reynisdrangar. Just around the corner from here you can view more ragged edged cave like areas where the high tide water used to rush in. Please be aware of the strong current and the waves most referred to as “sneaker waves” which is a nod to their ability to rush in out of nowhere knocking people to the ground.


Our last stop will be at the bubbles where you will spend the night. All the bubbles are transparent, which means if the Aurora is dancing you will have a private show.

For our South Coast tour we will have all 6x bubbles, which are all fully transparent and nearly identical. No need to select because all guests will get the same type of bubble.

All bubbles are located a short walking distance from our service house, which contains WC and showers.

Disclaimer:  Please be advised, the Bubble Hotel location for the South Coast tour is set upon a steep hill.



Guided (english) South Coast tour in a Suburban luxury SUV or similar. Max 6 persons per vehicle. One night in a bubble (2 adults per bubble) and free pickup & drop off in Reykjavik. Breakfast and dinner not included in price.


The tour stops at a local restaurant for dining on the evening of the tour.  The next morning, on the way to Reykjavik, the tour stops at a location for breakfast. Food is not included in the price of the tour and restaurant options are subject to change.

Solo Fee

There is now a solo-traveler booking fee built in to the calendar.  This is required for all guests booking as 1 person.

Not included

Food while on the tour, including dinner the night of the tour and breakfast the next day, is not included in the price of the ticket.

Restaurant locations/options are subject to change.

Type of bubble

We have 6x fully transparent bubbles. All tour guests will receive the same type of bubble, all with one double sized bed for 2 adults.

Disclaimer:  Please be advised, the Bubble Hotel location for the South Coast tour is set upon a steep hill and is not recommended for those with impaired walking abilities.


Price is ISK 69.900 per person (around USD 534/ Euro 505 per person @currency rate 9. May. 2022).

There is now a solo-traveler booking fee built in to the calendar.  This is required for all guests booking as 1 person.

Be treated like a president

We just purchased two new Suburban SUVs for this tour only. The SUVs have 6 seats in each, therefore we can take a maximum of 12 guests on this South Coast tour, sleeping in 6 bubbles (2 adults per bubble). These SUVs are the same as US presidents have been using for decades minus we don't have the bullet proof version!

Golden Circle Iceland

Add extra packages to your tour

Select a package you like. You add this in the booking process.

Easy going

Add this non-alcohol sparkling tea to your experience. It will be waiting for you in a cooler container on the leather box in the bubble.

Price: 5,500 ISK

A little treat

Add our treat package and receive a cheese plate, with an accompaniment of crackers and grapes.

You will also receive a gift of six 330ml bottles of local craft beer from Ölvisholt Brewery, chilled and waiting for you on the leather box in your bubble.

Price: 11,000 ISK

Special moments

For those memorable moments add our romantic rose petal setup to the bubble for your special occasion stay.

As well as strawberries, and grapes, there will be a complimentary chilled bottle of Prosecco waiting in a cooler on the leather box upon your arrival.

Price: 16,000 ISK

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If the minimum number of 3 will not be reached one week before departure date, we will cancel the tour and refund the money 100% back to your credit card.

There is now a solo-traveler booking fee built in to the calendar.  This is required for all guests booking as 1 person.

Please be advised, the Bubble Hotel location for the tour is set upon a steep hill.  This incline is not meant for those with impaired walking abilities or injuries or those who are not in good walking/hiking condition.

If you are at all worried about this climb, please send us an email using the Contact Us page.