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Everything You Need To Know About Diamond Beach Iceland

Whether you’re looking for an out of the world experience, or just in search of a relaxing stop-over when on the South Coast, Diamond Beach Iceland right across the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, is the perfect addition to your itinerary.

This glistening beach by the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Made popular for its one of a kind landscape of ice crystals against black sand, it’s the result of nature’s magic at work.

Ice melts from Breiðamerkurjökull Glacier and deposits in Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon where it breaks and forms, before escaping further into the shoreline, sparkling like diamonds on top the black sand, thus earning the name, Diamond Beach.

Is Diamond Beach Iceland Worth a Visit?

The Diamond Beach, or Breiðamerkursandur, is a majestic place you could only find in Iceland. Traveling around the country without paying a visit, would be a missed opportunity to say the least.

This beach is such a rare sight in fact, that photographers coming from all parts of the world flock to the site just to get a taste of its ever-changing beauty.

The great thing about this place is, you never see the same thing twice. The ice and the black sand beach constantly changes and new ice crystals drift ashore, therefore the landscape is always transforming with varying light completely altering the glow on blue ice crystals resting or floating on the ocean.

What Can You Do in Diamond Beach Iceland?

As swimming is not recommended for obvious reasons (namely the very cold temperature and dangerous waves), taking photographs and relaxing under the ethereal landscape are the most common activities done here, but it also serves as an amazing backdrop for an unforgettable romantic getaway.

Love is a welcomed feeling in Diamond Beach, even witnessing proposals taking place along its shore in the past years.

For nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, fun also awaits you. Resident seals are a common sighting and they don’t shy away from harmless visitors.

There’s really no better days, seasons or time per se, as the experience differs based on your preference.

In winter, it makes a perfect place to catch the Northern Lights because of the clear skies and less light pollution, but as always, it’s all up to nature’s hand whenever the aurora decides to show itself, so check the northern lights forecast just to make sure.

For the best experience, dress warmly and bring along your trusty flashlight as it could be dangerous walking around in the dark with protruding and slippery ice shards.
Summer offers a completely different and sparkly experience, under the midnight sun, the whole place glows brighter, plus, you can bask in the view without time pressure as daytimes are stretched longer.

Spring time boasts great sunrise views, and it doesn’t push you to get there as early as 4 am just as it is during summer where the sun peeks through a little earlier. Spring visits let you take your time and show up for the glistening beach at around 8-9 am.

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon is just right across. If you’ve grown bored of the view (which you wouldn’t) and up for another experience, simply cross the road and you can get there shortly.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous , Vatnajökull National Park is a 40-minute drive away. There, you can hop around ice caves, look at waterfalls, and just take in the beautiful glaciers and the untamed beauty of the arctic wilderness.

There is a lot to see just from the ride from Reykjavik to the Diamond Beach alone, some famous attraction you can pass through or even stop-over include Skaftafell Nature Reserve, Skógafoss, Sólheimasandur, or the nearby towns of Höfn and Vik where you can either go fishing, enjoy rock formations, or walk through close black sand beaches.

Wherever or however you decide to travel around, there’s a lot to discover within this vicinity guaranteeing an adventure of a lifetime.

Where is Diamond Beach Iceland and How Can I Get There?

Diamond Beach is about 235 miles (377 km) from Reykjavik, which more or less is a 5-hour nonstop drive, that is, if the weather permits. On less clear days, expect the travel to take longer as the ring road doesn’t allow for fast driving.

To get there, you can either take a bus, hop on a guided trip or rent a car for more freedom. Drive along the route 1 ring road all the way to the Southern Coast and park your car along Diamond Beach.

If you don’t want the hassle of navigating, taking a guided trip is a must, or you can opt to have a self-drive itinerary. Going for a 2 day trip where you break up the drive to visit surrounding attractions is the best approach not only to have breaks in between but fully take in the wonders of Iceland’s South Coast.

Bubble Hotel allows for trip customization so you can add Diamond Beach amongst your list of destinations on a hassle-free guided tour paired with a homey stay in our transparent bubble hotel along the Icelandic forest.

Things to Remember For a Safe Trip at the Diamond Beach Iceland

Just like how it is with any foreign destinations, The Diamond Beach also requires being responsible to make the experience safe and happy for everyone. Actually, most of the safety reminders about the place have to do with its main attraction being the icebergs.

First and foremost, do not climb up the icebergs, it is never a good idea, not to mention, totally unnecessary. The view is enough to make an instagram worthy pic- you do not have to be sitting on top of the iceberg to make the scene even more beautiful.

Whether they are resting along the sand or floating in the ocean, climbing onto an iceberg could only result in two scenarios: One,- you risk injury from slipping, falling, or getting cut in its sharp edges- or two,- you could get trapped below a flipped iceberg and get washed away further into the ocean.

Second, wear thick shoes paired with warm clothing. It makes the experience all the more cozy, plus, it protects your feet from the rugged terrain. Also, please watch out for icebergs that could be hiding underneath the sand, it’s better to be careful than risk slipping.

Lasly, If you decide to roam at night, do yourself a favor by bringing a light source and doubling up on the layers. Just to be sure, it’s also a better idea to admire the view from the parking lot or wait there for the northern lights to make some van trip- inspired memories.

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