Your Perfect Iceland Honeymoon | Stay in a Bubble

By Michael Chapman

Connect with nature and each other at this novel accommodation choice in South Iceland.

Your Perfect Iceland Honeymoon | Stay in a Bubble

By Michael Chapman

Connect with nature and each other at this novel accommodation choice in South Iceland.

When two people fall madly for one another, it is said that they enter what’s called a ‘love bubble.’ Well, we have taken that concept and transformed it into one of the most alluring overnight stays guests can book when visiting this gorgeous country—a transparent bubble!

Newlyweds looking for the perfect Iceland honeymoon need look no further than our two prime locations in South Iceland. Each Bubble is inflated in much the same way as a child’s bouncy castle, then heated and decked out with a comfortable bed to make sure your shared stargazing is an experience to remember.

Honeymooners in Iceland
(Unsplash. Photo Credit: Dmitry Schemelev)

Just before arrival, you’ll both be informed where you are staying, leaving the element of surprise intact—important for any long-term relationship. With that, your Iceland honeymoon will be off to a flying start, the beginning of an adventure that will be remembered for years to come.

Whichever Bubble site is chosen for your Iceland honeymoon, your accommodation will be close by to the many attractions and activities that make the south so beloved by many.

Why choose Iceland as your romantic getaway?

Romance in Iceland
(Unsplash. Photo Credit: Andrik Langfield)

It goes without saying that Iceland is among the world’s most romantic destinations. 

Enchanting waterfalls, lush valleys, bewitching black sand beaches and deserts; all await for those who seek them. Driving region to region, guests will discover how barren lava fields seamlessly merge into quaint farmlands and woodlands, all while remaining uniquely Icelandic in their character. 

South Iceland, in particular, has become the favoured region for sightseeing, thanks not only to its plethora of enticing natural attractions but also its easy accessibility from the Capital Region. More than that, the south is diverse and full of life, a fantastic and eclectic region that would take days to fully explore with a partner.  

A couple kiss in Iceland
(Unsplash. Photo Credit: Elijah Hiett)

Spellbound, you and your better half will find no end of hidden secrets travelling through here. Glaciers lagoons, glittering beneath the Midnight Sun, or dark volcanic shorelines, bordered by tall cliff sides, both make for beautiful settings in which to fall in love. 

So too does a vast field of moss-blanketed lava rock or a towering promenade that looks out over the Atlantic ocean’s crashing blue waves. 

Whatever bend of the road one takes in Iceland, scenery and atmosphere culminate to create a destination perfect for adventurous lovers. No wonder so many people fantasise about their very own Iceland honeymoon, a fairytale getaway in a land straight out of a fantasy book.


Travelling to Iceland?

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bubble in iceland

See the Northern Lights from a Bubble

Golden Circle in Iceland
Bubble accommodation on the Golden Circle

Don’t be under any illusions that Iceland won’t entrance you and your partner. In fact, it is impossible to describe that feeling of grateful connectedness that comes with experiencing this island’s nature, of which there is no more magical example than the Aurora Borealis

Each Bubble is set some distance apart from one another to help your chances of witnessing the lights. Such positioning helps bolster the peaceful solitude of your Iceland honeymoon, maximising the silence and darkness around you. 

It is at night when our Bubbles genuinely shine, offering cosmic sights that truly put it above and beyond any mere hotel or guesthouse!

are there trees in Iceland
(Unsplash. Photo Credit: Audrey Andreyev)

All those who have witnessed this miraculous occurrence can attest that seeing the Northern Lights is an experience like no other. In one of our bubbles, guests will have more time to observe the skies than they would if they were driving themselves or taking part in a guided tour, and that’s not to mention the cosy, comfortable surroundings of their stay. 

Even on those unfortunate occasions when the auroras do not make an appearance, a vast blanket of twinkling stars will be on-hand to dazzle you; its constellations clear and mystical against the night’s jet-black sky. 

They don’t call us the 5-million star hotel for nothing, after all! 

Experience South Iceland’s Golden Circle sightseeing route

Thingvellir National Park in Iceland
(Unsplash. Photo Credit: Jason Krieger)

The Golden Circle is Iceland’s most famous sightseeing route, incorporating three major sites that draw visitors in their thousands. The first of these is the UNESCO World Heritage site Þingvellir National Park, a sweeping and unique region of gnarled volcanic meadows and crystal-clear glacial ravines. 

After Þingvellir, guests travel a short distance to Geysir geothermal springs, a lively, steam-filled valley composed of sputtering mud pools and hissing fumaroles. Strokkur is, by far, the greatest spectacle here, erupting boiling water into the air every ten minutes, give or take a few. 

Next up is the powerhouse, Gullfoss waterfall, marking the third and final part of the Golden Circle route. Dropping 32-metres into a mist-filled canyon, this epic features cannot help but inspire awe and admiration in all those who witness it. 

Golden Circle in summer
(Unsplash. Photo Credit: Sarah Thz)

We recommend booking a Golden Circle bubble tour with us to experience all that this great region has to offer, plus bag yourself a night in one of our beautiful Bubbles. 

During the tour section, our guides will lead you from one exciting stop to the next, sharing with you fascinating tidbits of information en route, as well as stopping for lunch at the fantastic Mika restaurant in Reykholt.

What does staying in a Bubble overnight offer guests?

A hanging bubble surrounded by trees in Iceland
A hanging bubble surrounded by trees in Iceland

New couples, honeymooners, or anyone celebrating many happy years together will all find something to treasure at our bubbles. 

Perfect for two people, each Bubble offers comfort in the form of a 180-cm wide bed that sits centre of the floor. Minimalist in its design, but with an instantly knowable Scandinavian feel, you will be left free of distraction, able to focus on the skies above you and, of course, each other.

Laying back in on our plush mattresses, you will have the full scope of your surrounding environment. Birch trees enclose the Bubble itself, offering privacy and seclusion amid nature while rolling farmlands and distant hills make for fantastic views regardless of the season. 

Those visiting in summer will be privy to all the delights the season has to offer; chirping birds and fluttering butterflies, berry bushes ripe with fruit, and clear blue skies decorated with puffy white clouds that saunter lazily overhead. 

Given the Midnight Sun will provide extended daylight hours, we will provide you with a sleeping mask when it comes to time to drift off in one another’s arms. 

Extra treats to make your Iceland Honeymoon special.

Iceland honeymoon

As if staying in a transparent bubble wasn’t enough, there are plenty of ways to take your Iceland honeymoon to the next level. 

For a little extra, we will provide you and your beloved a delicious selection of culinary treats; bunches of grapes, plush strawberries, and, of course, a box of succulent chocolates will all be waiting for you upon arrival. 

To wash it down, we’ll also leave a complimentary bottle of Prosecco, chilled and presented in an opulent leather box. Alternatively, we have a wide selection of non-alcoholic sparkling teas and even local craft beer from nearby Ölvisholt Brewery.

If you decide to take part in our Golden Circle bubble tour, you will also have the pleasure of being driven from site to site in a luxury Tesla SUV. These are the same vehicles used in the US President’s motorcade, so you can be sure of feeling valued and looked after from the comfort of the passenger’s seat.  

Whatever your tastes, we’ll make sure you leave the Bubble satisfied, looking back on your Iceland honeymoon with fond memories and greater bonds with those around you. But more importantly than that, we want to throw fire on the furnace that is your love for another. 

After all, what emotion but love could describe the feelings that come with soaking together in a bubbling hot tub, or dining opposite ends of the table at one of Reykjavik’s most intimate and applauded restaurants, or even setting off, hand in hand, to seek out Iceland’s best kept secrets


Travelling to Iceland?

Check our overnight tours with a driver guide that includes a one night stay in a bubble.
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*Starting from ISK 74.900 per person