Arnarstapi in june

Ever thought about exploring Iceland in June? Let me give you the inside scoop on what it’s really like. You’re in for a treat with the midnight sun – it’s like nothing else on earth. Picture this: you’re wandering through stunning landscapes under a sun that never sets. Sounds magical, doesn’t it?

Before you dive into this adventure, here’s a tip from someone who’s been there: book your accommodations early. Trust me, it saves a pretty penny and you won’t have to worry about missing out on a great place to stay. And guess what? June is the perfect time to visit because all the snow has melted. This makes getting around a breeze!

Now, how about getting around? Renting a car is the way to go or you could let us customize a private tour. It gives you the freedom to explore those off-the-beaten-path spots at your own pace with a local expert. 

Is June the Ideal Time to Visit?


Alright, let’s talk Iceland. Everyone’s buzzing about the best time to go, right? Here’s my take: June is your go-to. Imagine it – summer’s just starting to wake up, you’ve got those epic long days, and usually, the sun’s playing nice (we’re all crossing our fingers here!).

The mountains? They’ve still got a bit of that winter swagger with their snow caps – looks incredible. And the flowers are just showing off now. It’s comfortably cool, not like the ‘basking in the sun’ vibe of July and August. My personal advice? June’s your sweet spot for an Icelandic adventure. Trust me, it’s a whole different world out there!

Iceland Roadtrip in June

About cruising around Iceland in June. Good news – it’s way safer to drive then. Thinking about tackling the Highlands? They’re open for adventure, but here’s a pro tip: snag a 4×4 for those rugged roads. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Now, if you’re sticking to the Ring Road, you’re cool with just a small car. No stress about snow or ice – that’s all behind us. But keep an eye out on the South Coast, okay? Sometimes glacier water does its thing and floods spots. The real deal? You can zip around the island’s edge and catch all the top spots. Just one heads-up: watch out for the sheep. They’re all over the place and not the quickest to move out of the way.

Basking in Iceland's June Midnight Sun

Seljlandsfoss midnight sun

Starting to think about hitting Iceland in June? To entice you even more, imagine getting to experience the midnight sun – it’s like nature’s own all-nighter. The summer solstice, that’s the longest day, lands on June 21st. Here’s the cool part: the sun kinda dips down but doesn’t really set. It’s more like a long, dreamy twilight, thanks to Iceland being way up north. It’s not just gorgeous – it gives you extra hours to explore and soak in those sights.

There’s also a bunch of midnight sun tours! Fancy kayaking while the sun’s still up at midnight? Or maybe a hiking adventure? You can even go full-on outdoorsy with camping. Don’t want to haul all that gear? No worries, rent a campervan or just pick up some camping gear there. Trust me, watching the sun hover on the horizon is something you’ve gotta see for yourself!

Iceland Weather in June

June is when Iceland really shows off – we’re talking temps that are comfortably over 50°F (that’s about 10°C), days that feel endless (hello, sunlight!), gentle breezes, and yeah, a bit of rain here and there. People love Iceland in June, and it’s easy to see why. The weather’s just right for packing your days with all the cool stuff you’ve planned.

Iceland in June: Rainfall Patterns?

Skogafoss waterfall in rain

Now, about the rain in June – it’s a bit of a mixed bag. On average, expect around 11 rainy days. But here’s the thing with Iceland – its weather loves to keep you guessing. It flips from rain to sun to those perfect blue skies, all in a day’s work. Don’t worry about ice or snow if you’re hanging out in the lower areas, but yeah, be ready for a little bit of everything else weather-wise!

Reykjavik's Weather in June: What to Expect?

Reykjavik in june

Reykjavik’s usually a bit warmer than the rest of Iceland around then. Think 50°F (10°C) kind of weather. But hey, don’t forget to pack a raincoat or something – just in case, you know?

Curious about how much daylight you’ll get? June’s a real treat with the midnight sun. It’s like the sky’s putting on a show for photographers – those sunsets and sunrises stretch out way beyond the usual hour. Now, I can’t promise you non-stop sunshine, but with a whopping 20-24 hours of daylight, peaking around June 21 (yep, the summer solstice), you’re in for a lot of sun time. It’s pretty awesome, really!

Iceland’s Temperature in June

Iceland in june a church

If you’re hitting Iceland in June, you’re in for some pretty cool weather – literally. Mornings hover around 48°F (9°C), kind of like a crisp fall day. But by afternoon, it feels more like spring at 59°F (15°C).

If you’re all set for some outdoor action, maybe pitching a tent under the stars, remember this: layers are your best friends. They’re like your personal weather shield, perfect for when it’s chilly in the morning and for peeling off when the sun decides to show up.

No matter what the sky’s doing, Iceland’s got a whole world of stuff to do in June. Trust me, you’ll come back with loads of stories that sound almost too good to be true. How cool is that?

What to wear in iceland

Iceland weather can be extremely changeable year-round; even during June months you might not experience its extreme winter cold spells, yet still expect rain or even some cooler spells. Be as prepared as possible – here’s our essential list of items to bring on any trip.

  • Layering 101: Think like an onion – layers are your secret weapon for shifting from chilly mornings to warmer afternoons. Start light and add on. It’s the key to nailing those transitions from cool to warmer weather! 
  • Waterproofs: Being caught out by an unexpected shower can put a real dampener on your journeys – be prepared by carrying around a set of waterproof clothing (including gloves ) just in case an untimely storm arrives unexpectedly! Ensure you always carry suitable waterproof attire just in case an impromptu downpour arises and don’t get left without shelter when encountering unexpected conditions.
  • Footwear Wisdom: June in Iceland isn’t all about heavy-duty boots, but trust me, good shoes matter. The terrain’s a mix, so having reliable footwear is a game-changer. 
  • Swim Session: Locals in Iceland have their relaxation game on point, especially at their favorite pools. Don’t miss out—throw in your swimsuit for a refreshing splash in Iceland’s pools, lagoons, or hot springs. It’s the real deal!
  • Sun Guard: June sun in Iceland might not sizzle, but it’s no joke. Grab those shades and sunscreen; they’re your sidekicks for keeping cool and safe while enjoying your Icelandic adventure!

Exploring Iceland in June: Top Activities and Experiences

Are You Wondering What to do in Iceland in June? As the opening month of summer, June is an excellent month to visit Iceland because there are numerous activities and places accessible. Listing all possibilities here would take too much space; here is an idea list of popular summer activities as a start!

Go camping

camping in iceland

Camping in Iceland is one of the best things to do during June and there are numerous scenic campgrounds throughout the island with showers and toilets near local swimming pools where you can make use of these amenities

Camping out in the wild is illegal; therefore it’s essential that you locate and book an official campsite with full amenities – particularly toilet facilities – at hand. Tjalda and Camping Card provide great platforms for easily finding local campsites with all their offerings and available services.

As weather is often unpredictable, layers are strongly advised and frequent forecast checks should also be undertaken. Keep in mind that even once it sets, the hours between dusk and dawn remain light enough that an eye mask wouldn’t hurt!

June Trekking in Iceland: Embrace the Adventure

trekking in iceland

Iceland in June offers ideal hiking weather and trails are opening up everywhere – the ideal opportunity to discover Icelandic countryside on foot! Better weather can open up remote routes that were otherwise inaccessible, while camping makes longer trails possible.

As June marks the opening of Highland roads and trails – such as Laugavegur trail which links Landmannalaugar with Thorsmork Nature Reserve – there will also be guided and unguided hiking tours available to these regions.

Westfjords of Iceland provide another fantastic trekking opportunity; this ancient region features dramatic deep fjords and cascading waterfalls as well as impressive trails suitable for hikers of all levels spanning misty mountaintops – many still carrying ancient cairns marking well-worn pathways!

Glacier Explorations and Snowmobiling in June: Iceland's Thrilling Adventures

glacier walk in iceland

Want to add adventure and wonder to your Iceland adventure? Try hiking across or snowmobiling over one or two of Iceland’s many glaciers. Despite June’s slightly higher temperatures, glaciers of Iceland are still very much accessible at this time, combined with the stunning summer sunlight, the already majestic sight is sure to glow even brighter than any time of the year!

Glacier climbing can be dangerous business; for your own safety it is wise to opt for guided glacier hiking tours and snowmobile tours rather than doing it on your own and risking your life. Booking a guided tour guarantees that all necessary equipment will be supplied, along with an experienced guide who is there to keep everyone safe.

June's Hot Springs and Swimming Pool vibes in Iceland

out in nature

June is an excellent month to visit Icelandic hot springs, as the temperatures will be more comfortable and opening hours are longer compared to winter months. Icelanders love being near water; no city or town boasts without at least one pool nearby! Hot springs and geothermal pools may even appear unexpectedly!

Iceland’s history and culture are interwoven with geothermal energy, so meeting up in the water is often used for socializing among locals. Though these places tend to be outdoors, they’re popular year-round; June offers the ideal weather to explore Icelandic pool culture.

Natural hot springs tend not to feature changing rooms, much less heated ones; therefore the June weather in Iceland makes natural hot springs all the more accessible for swimming pleasure. Be wary that some hot springs may be located on private property and you must acquire permission from their landowner before bathing there; because of such limitations it may be easier and faster to book an organized tour instead.

June’s almost-constant sunlight hours give you all day and night to explore these natural marvels, from hot springs in remote corners of nature to long shadows cast long after dusk and vibrant sunset glow. Nothing compares with experiencing these natural sights at their fullest in June!

June Horseback Riding in Iceland: Saddle Up for Adventure

horse in iceland

June is an ideal month for horseback riding in Iceland’s spectacular countryside, offering visitors an exciting new view. Bred from isolation for over 1000 years, Icelandic horses have long served as transport and agricultural companions; now though their main function lies with leisure riding competitions.

Icelandic horses are well known for their short, stocky build and signature fifth gait known as the tolt. Additionally, these calm yet friendly horses make horseriding tours in Iceland an enjoyable family activity; especially as longer daylight hours provide greater options in terms of when and how long your ride should take place.

June Whales and Puffins Adventure in Iceland: Dive In!

whales iceland

Whale and puffin watching tours make an exciting family activity. Although whale watching tours are available throughout the year, setting sail during summer months makes for a more pleasant sailing experience with lower winds and milder temperatures onboard.

Whales aren’t the only mammals you should expect to spot while visiting Iceland, though. Humpback and minke whales may be commonly sighted; harbor porpoises, short-beaked dolphins and harbor porpoises might also make an appearance, with fin whales (killer whales) less frequently seen; fin whales and orcas also exist but these sightings will likely be less frequently. Furthermore, Iceland boasts abundant birdlife including gulls, fulmars, gannets guillemots – plus of course puffins!

Once on board, you’ll be taken directly to prime wildlife-spotting locations where an expert guide will inform and show you any local fauna – providing educational yet fun facts about all sorts of fascinating creatures!

June Kayaking in Iceland: Paddle Away!

With Iceland’s milder temperatures comes an opportunity for kayaking enthusiasts of all skill levels to hit the water and kayak tours offer everything from easy two-hour excursions for beginners all the way up to full six-day epic quests; so no matter your preference there will always be an adventure waiting.

June's Lupine Fields in Iceland: Blooming Fields

lupline in iceland

Iceland weather in June brings warm temperatures that bring about the bloom of blue and purple flowers known as lupines across the nation. Lupines were introduced initially to help combat soil erosion; however, they soon spread throughout much of Iceland’s countryside, quickly becoming an invasive species in some places and endangering native moss species.

Lupines remain controversial within Iceland despite many finding the quilt of flowers gorgeous; many see this spread across Icelandic countryside as stunning! At the start of summer, Iceland becomes home to stunning lupines that rank amongst one of its must-see sights in June.

By driving around Iceland, you’ll experience its stark contrasts first-hand; its landscapes change drastically over relatively short distances; suddenly you might find yourself seeing purple lupine fields, green mossy lava fields, lush pastures dotted with yellow buttercups and dandelions; all within just miles!

June's Lava Caving in Iceland: Unearth Adventures

lava caving in iceland

June is an excellent month to explore Iceland’s lava caves and tubes, which may otherwise remain inaccessible during the winter due to frozen surfaces, but which become accessible once they thaw out – giving visitors an intimate view of Iceland’s powerful volcanism, which helped form its landscape and is still shaping it today.

Entering Icelandic caves without professional guidance is never recommended, which is why there are several guided lava cave tours near and far from Reykjavik available to visit these underground passageways.

Summer offers you a lot of freedom in how you spend your time, allowing you to make the most out of every second. Take this exciting 9-hour combo tour that combines Silfra snorkeling and Raufarholshellir caving for maximum fun.

June's Fishing Adventure in Iceland: Reel in the Fun

June is an ideal month to fish in Iceland’s lakes and rivers, which boast abundant fish populations. Fishing has long been part of Icelandic culture; popular leisure activities include lake and river fishing as well as permission from landowners to fish anywhere on Iceland’s territory. To fish legally in any river or lake in Iceland you will require a permit and permission from its landowner(s).

Permits can be expensive, making Iceland fishing challenging and time consuming to plan. Experienced anglers or beginners might benefit from booking a guided fishing tour; otherwise, we advise reading up on fishing regulations in Iceland so you don’t break any of them on your own trip.

Sea-angling is simpler and can even combine two experiences at once – like this whale-watching and fishing boat tour that will also provide assistance in gutting and cooking your catch.

In some instances, tours even provide help gutting fish for cooking! Reykjavik harbor fishing offers one of the cheapest methods of catching fish in Iceland, and several companies near Reykjavik harbor offer rod rentals so that you can cast your line while relaxing with feet dangling over the pier.

June's Ice Caving Expedition in Iceland: Chill Thrills Ahead

As June is when melting glacier rivers reach their source, natural ice caves cannot be visited; however, man-made Into the Glacier Ice Tunnel and Katla Ice Cave remain accessible.

Can the Northern Lights Be Seen in Iceland During June

Unfortunately, Iceland in June cannot offer views of the northern lights due to too much light illuminating them from within. Solar flares that cause aurora borealis can still occur throughout the year but only when conditions are ideal and dark skies exist – as in Iceland’s summer. As an excellent consolation prize you’ll still see midnight sun each night during June!

What's Happening in Iceland in June?

Although Iceland is a tiny nation of only 370,000 residents, its calendar boasts numerous holidays and musical and arts festivals that make June an amazing month to visit this land of extremes! June is an exciting month in Iceland; here are a few cultural events you should check out during your trip.

Hofn's Lobster Festival

Hofn, Iceland is an exquisite location to visit in June for their annual Lobster Festival to mark their birthday and their longstanding reputation of seafood production, particularly lobster and langoustine. Enjoy live music concerts along with plenty of lobster on this celebratory weekend celebration!

Exploring Reykjavik in June: Must-Do Activities

rainbow in reykjavik

Reykjavik weather in June encourages its inhabitants to venture outdoors, with people gathering on its streets for walks or picnics in Austurvollur square and crowding out public holidays such as Icelandic national holidays or large festivals than their counterparts in other locations.

If you’re wondering what to do while visiting Reykjavik in June, one option could be Iceland’s national holidays or festivals celebrating them such as Airwaves festival – both are sure bets when looking for what to do when visiting Reykjavik!

Iceland's Independence Day: June 17th Commemoration

grandi green hill

On June 17, Icelanders celebrate its National Day across the nation, commemorating their independence from Denmark after nearly 800 years under foreign kings since 1262. Additionally, June 17 marks Jon Sigurdsson – Iceland’s fiercest fighter for independence who can be found commemorated with a statue outside Austurvollur square near Althingi Parliament building – birthday.

As is typical for such national celebrations, flags fly at full mast while many have the day off work or school. Reykjavik hosts an annual parade that showcases traditional Icelandic costumes, horseback riders and flag-waving scouts in traditional dress.

People gather near Reykjavik’s central area to witness this spectacle and hear from Fjallkonan (meaning “woman of the mountain”). Her speech celebrates Iceland’s strong character and spirit and her appointment is seen by thousands each year as Fjallkonan or “woman of the mountain.”

No matter the weather, Icelanders celebrate in central Reykjavik no matter the day – joked Icelanders say it wouldn’t be June 17 without raindrops falling! Similar celebrations happen all across Iceland in various forms and sizes so make sure you join in wherever possible!

Hafnarfjordur's Viking Festival

Viking in hafnarfjord

Hafnarfjordur is an idyllic harbor town located 6 miles (10 kilometers) outside Reykjavik that plays host to Iceland’s longest-running Viking Festival, traditionally located at Viking Village but now held in Vidistadatun Park with free admission for everyone.
The Viking Festival usually occurs over one week from mid-June until June 17th, featuring a market selling leather goods, fur garments, jewelry, swords and other handmade products as well as Viking reenactment battles that are truly impressive to witness!

Are we answering all your questions about traveling to Iceland in June? Will you try any of the unique experiences happening this month in Iceland?

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