Invest & Partner opportunities

Invest & Partner opportunities

We have found investment interest from many parties since we began operation 6 years ago with The 5 Million Star Hotel. Up to now, we have only grown through internal growth, and no external investors have been involved. Now there will be a change, and we plan to build up a broad base of local and foreign angel investors.

Attention: Filling out the form in the link below only indicates a token of interest. There is no commitment to invest from either party. We will contact you specifically to discuss potential opportunities. All management and administration concerning investments will be done through Ownersroom.

What we stand for

Unique & remarkable accommodation units

Our core competence will always be on developing unique & remarkable accommodation units. This can be in all forms and structures. We love innovation and this is also what we know and have experience in.

We are building a platform

We are developing our own instant booking multi-day platform. We are done with most back-end work and next is to work on the front-end and native video app.

Our core strategy is to have local impact

Purpose is at the core of our business model strategy. Not a nice to have add-on. Our purpose in Iceland will be to help build up a domestic fruit production that does not exist today. Our business model is developed around this purpose.

International growth

We love the idea. It is however too early. We need first to get a better foothold in our home market – Iceland. We would however love to get in contact with interested partners worldwide and get them into our first base of angel investors. So if you are visiting Iceland get in contact and let’s have a cup of coffee.

Lets have a cup of coffee

Tell us a little about you and lets try to meet up when you visit Iceland.