black beach in Sólheimasandur

Ever dreamed of stepping into a sci-fi scene without the green screen? Well, I stumbled upon a real-life movie set vibe at Sólheimasandur’s black beach. Imagine an abandoned DC plane resting mysteriously amidst the stark black sands. It’s an otherworldly experience waiting to be explored.

Sólheimasandur's Legendary Plane Wreck: A Black Beach Marvel in South Iceland

plane wreckage in Sólheimasandur

Back in ’73, a US Navy DC plane took a nosedive onto Sólheimasandur’s black beach in Iceland’s South Coast. Luckily, everyone made it out alive. Turns out, the pilot goofed up by picking the wrong fuel tank. Now, the aircraft’s remains sit by the shore, not far from the waves. You can find tours to this spot.

Picture this: a white plane wreck on jet-black sand, the backdrop—straight out of a sci-fi flick! Trust me, it’s a shutterbug’s dream. You can even explore inside, perfect for some playful shots. And hey, if you’ve got time, the wild ocean’s just a stroll away, those waves are something else! You used to drive right up to the plane, but that’s a no-go now. Instead, gear up for a hike. It’s about an hour each way from the main road. Worth it for the adventure junkies and nature lovers!

You can’t just drive up to the plane wreck anymore. Before, it was a 4WD-only adventure on that soft, tricky black sand. But here’s the thing: that sand? It’s not forgiving. You’d hate to get stuck there, especially when it’s deserted. I’ve seen it, folks used to drive without a clear path, messing up the delicate plants nearby. And trust me, many ended up getting stuck or wrecking their rides. It’s why vehicles are totally banned now, to save the greenery.

Winter visits? Hmm, not a good idea unless you’ve got a local guide. I’ve been in that spot myself. Snow makes it worse, trust me. And if the weather’s acting up, better stay away. The wind? It’s a real force there, could whip up a sandstorm in no time. Just a friendly heads-up, not to spook you, but safety first!

So, if you’re itching to visit, plan a rad trip along the South coast! Cruise past the mind-blowing Skógafoss waterfall, keep driving till you cross this river called Jökulsá, and guess what? You’re super close!

But, here’s the buzzkill—I wish there were big signs pointing to the plane, but nope, nothing like that. You won’t spot it from the road either. There’s this new parking spot they’ve set up, ’cause folks were parking all over, which was risky business. It’s a hotspot, tons of cars parked up there ’cause, hey, it’s still a hit despite the two-hour trek! The entrance to this cool wreck? It’s on the right side if you’re driving east.

And oh, if you’re into coordinates, here you go (63 27.546-19 21. 887), or just punch it in your maps.

Hope you glide there without any hiccups and dig your journey to the plane wreck.

Happy adventures out there!

Robert Robertsson

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