Kirkjufell in Iceland in summer

Have you ever heard about Kirkjufell, or as the locals call it, Church Mountain? This gem is tucked away near Grundarfjordur, right in the heart of Iceland’s stunning Snaefellsnes Peninsula. Picture this: a mountain with a quirky, almost whimsical peak that looks like it’s leaping straight out of a fairy tale. It’s no wonder that photographers flock here – it’s got a sort of magnetic charm that’s hard to find anywhere else. People often call it “Iceland’s Most Photographed Mountain,” and honestly, it’s easy to see why.

If you’re planning a trip around the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, you’ve just got to swing by Kirkjufell. This place isn’t just a treat for your eyes; it’s a soul-soother. Whether you’re on a self-guided 10-day summer adventure or a cozy 6-day winter getaway, make sure to add it to your itinerary. And if you’re the spontaneous type, just rent a car and let your curiosity guide you to this iconic spot. Kirkjufell’s got a fascinating shape, kind of like a church steeple – sharp and pointy at the top with these gracefully curving sides. But get this: depending on where you stand, it can also look like a witch’s hat or a big dollop of ice cream. Pretty cool, right? Trust me, it’s a sight you won’t forget!

Capturing Kirkjufell & Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall: Photography Guide

Photography close to Kirkjufell

You won’t believe how majestic Kirkjufell is! Towering at 463 meters, or 1519 feet if you prefer, it’s one of those sky-high landmarks that Europe is proud of. For hundreds of years, this mountain has been catching the eyes of sailors and travelers with its unique shape. And now, guess what? It’s a hotspot for both amateur and professional photographers who just can’t get enough of its beauty.

But wait, there’s more! Right next to it, you’ll find Kirkjufellsfoss – or as some like to call it, Church Mountain Falls. This little waterfall might not be the tallest you’ve seen, but it’s got its own charm with its three cascading steps. Depending on the season, it changes its look, adding a different kind of vibe each time. Honestly, it holds its own against some of Iceland’s larger waterfalls! And there’s this perfect spot at the base of Kirkjufell Mountain. On a clear, calm day, there’s a lake there that reflects the mountain like a mirror. It’s another fantastic chance for those looking to snap that perfect picture.

Let me tell you about Kirkjufell’s ever-changing wardrobe! In the summer, it’s like the mountain decides to throw on this lush, emerald green coat – absolutely full of life. Then, as winter sneaks in, it’s a whole different story. Kirkjufell swaps its greenery for this patchy blend of brown and white. It’s quite the sight, especially when it’s basking in the midnight sun around the June equinox, or dancing under the northern lights from September to April. It’s like Mother Nature’s own light show! By the way, are you into Game of Thrones? You’ve got to hear this. Kirkjufell had its moment of fame in Season 7, in that wild ‘Beyond the Wall’ episode. That’s right, our very own Kirkjufell was the backdrop for Jon Snow, The Hound, Jorah Mormont, and their crew on their crazy undead wight hunt. And get this – The Hound, with his spooky dream visions, spots Kirkjufell and dubs it the “arrowhead mountain.” Let me tell you, some of the most heart-pounding scenes in the whole show went down right there. It’s pretty cool to see a place you know playing a star role in your favorite show, isn’t it?

Hiking Kirkjufell

Kirkjufell steep mountain trail

The hike up Kirkjufell’s steep trail rewards you with incredible views of the nearby fields, coastlines, and rivers. It’s about an hour and a half to reach the top and the same to head back down.

Now, tackling this mountain? It’s strictly a summer affair and honestly, it’s for seasoned climbers. If you’re feeling up to it and you’ve got that mountain-savvy confidence, maybe tag along with an expert guide for good measure. Sadly, there’ve been a few tragedies up there in the past few years, so better safe than sorry.

Getting to Kirkjufell

Driving to Kirkjufell in Iceland

Here’s the cherry on top: Kirkjufell is a stone’s throw from Grundarfjörður, a charming town on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. It’s a bit over a two-hour drive from Reykjavík, Iceland’s buzzing capital. Once you’re in Grundarfjörður, take a quick jaunt west along Route Snaefellsnesvegur 54, and voila! You’ve reached the doorstep of Kirkjufell.

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