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When traveling abroad, it can be difficult to find things to see and do that kids and teenagers find interesting and are willing to participate in with the adults. Whether it is seeking new adventures or just getting nice photos for the social media account, we have put together some ideas what to do in Iceland with kids and actually adults can enjoy too. Below you find a list with 20 ideas and places in Iceland, so wherever you are traveling to within the country, you should be able to track down new adventures and experiences that everyone can enjoy.

They are truly magical when they appear and everyone should see them at least once in a lifetime. As Iceland has 24 hour daylight in summer, you need to visit the lovely island from the end of August till mid March if you want to hunt for the lights. Whether you decide to go on a tour, do a self drive or stay in a bubble, while hunting for the lights, they are truly magical when they show up and you won’t be disappointed. The Bubble hotel on the South Coast of Iceland, is a great way to hunt for the lights as you stay in the warm and cozy bubble, turn off the lights and the sky with million stars appears right above you. If you are lucky, the lights will dance for you and that is a moment you will cherish for the rest of your life.

19. Cultural Night

If you visit Iceland in August, try to be there during Cultural Night.   It is a huge event in Reykjavík, from morning till night, with many cultural activities, shows, concerts and fireworks.  Many people in the center open their homes to the public for a cup of coffee and waffles, and you can find events for the whole family all over the city.

18. The Pearl

Near the center of Reykjavík, you find The Pearl. It is easy to spot as you can see it from many angles in the city. At The Pearl, you can attend exhibitions, walk through an ice cave and attend a northern lights show. Afterwards, it is fun to walk around the area where you can find ruins from WWII, spot wild rabbits, and enjoy the view of the domestic airport.

17. The Lava Show

The Lava show is also located in Grandi. Here you get a good overview of Iceland’s geography and afterwards you get to experience real lava and the heat that comes from it. This is the only real lava show in the world so don’t miss it! If you are traveling the South Coast and are interested in expanding your knowledge about Iceland, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, you can visit the Lava Center in Hvolsvöllu

16. Fly Over Iceland

Fly Over Iceland offers a magnificent experience for the whole family. This adventurous place gives you an opportunity to feel like a bird flying in the sky, seeing the most spectacular places all over Iceland. Mountains, waterfalls, glaciers, lakes, northern lights. Fly Over Iceland is located in Grandi, a few minutes walk from the city center.

15. Domestic Zoo and Family Park, Reykjavík

Reykjavik húsdýragarðurinn

The Park is open throughout the year but the rides are only open during summer. Here, everyone in the family can find something to enjoy. Whether it is petting the animals, visiting the reptile house or walking around, you will find this park a nice place to visit. The weeks before Christmas, the park becomes a winter wonderland, fully decorated with the sound of Christmas carols all around. In summer you can bring your own food and use the BBQ free of charge.
Next to the Domestic Zoo is a beautiful botanical garden that is open to the public all year round.

14. Adrenaline Park, Nesjavellir

In the geothermal rift-valley of Nesjavellir, you find the Adrenaline Adventure Park. It is open during the summer and a fun place for the whole family.  Here you find a 12 meter Giant Swing and the park has over 50 different obstacles.   If you are taking a day tour of the Golden Circle, don´t forget to make a stop at the Adrenaline Park for some action and fresh air.

13. Amusement Park, Reykjavík

Skemmtigarðurinn in Reykjavik offers many different kinds of activities throughout the summer. Minigolf, lasertag, paintball and more. Fun times with family and friends within the capital.

12. Kayak

On the South Coast, you can book a kayak experience for the whole family. You can choose from a short and easy tour up to a more complex and combo tour. All to your liking and ability.

11. Fun museums

You can find museums all over Iceland.  In Reykjavík, just to name a few, we have The National Museum, The Maritime Museum, Árbæjarsafn Open Air Museum and The National Gallery of Iceland.  On the Northern Coast, you might find The 1238 Museum in Sauðárkrókur intriguing, where you can experience virtual reality battles and history.  In Dalvík, it is fun to visit Byggðasafnið Hvoll Museum, where you can find out everything about the tallest man in Iceland’s history and much more.  On the South Coast you can visit The Hunting Museum, Lava Center, caves and endless options of historical museums.   There are also many interesting museums to visit on the East and West Coast, such as maritime museums and historical museums.

10. Zipline

For adrenaline junkies, we recommend the zipline in Vík and the zipline in Hveragerði.  The longest zipline in Iceland is the one in Hveragerði.   Fly over rocks and waterfalls and get a real kick out of your day.

9. Whale watching and The Whale Museum

You can find whale watching tours in many places in Iceland. It is usually a 3-4 hour sailing tour where you might get a chance to see orcas, dolphins and many other types of whales. Often they come very close to the boats and it is facinating to experience the size and the closeness to these wonderful and unique animals.
In Reykjavík, you can visit the Whale Museum where you see whales in their true size and learn alot about these fascinating mammals.

8. Visit small islands around Iceland

Iceland has many small islands all around the country. Some of them are habitable, others not.
If you are traveling on the Northern Coast, we recommend a visit to Drangey, Grímsey and Hrísey.

Drangey in Skagafjörður is full of wildlife with many different kinds of birds, including puffins during summer. If you enjoy sailing, hiking and experiencing wildlife in its purest form, this is something for you.

Grímsey and Hrísey are in Eyjafjörður, both islands are habitable. The Arctic Circle goes through Grímsey and is a unique place to visit. A visit to Hrísey is also a special experience.

By the West Coast we recommend a trip to Flatey in Breiðafjörður and from Reykjavík you can visit Viðey island.

On the South Coast we have the famous and wonderful Westman Islands. We recommend at least a 2 day trip to the lovely islands where you can participate in local activities, sail around the rocks, visit interesting museums and learn about the eruption in 1973.

7. Sea angling

In most parts of the country you can find sea angling tours. Why not spend a part of your day out in the Atlantic and test your fishing skills? Most companies BBQ the fish on board on the way back to land and guests taste the freshly caught fish while enjoying the sail back to land. If you are lucky, you also get to see whales on the sea angling tours.

Not into driving in snow? There’s an eight-day guided trip that covers the Ring Road and Snaefellsnes. You see all the sights without the stress of driving.

6. Horseback riding

Horse back riding in Iceland

Throughout Iceland you can find horse rentals. The Icelandic horse is special in so many ways and it is a unique experience to take a ride in Icelandic nature. It doesn’t matter whether it is your first time horseback riding or if you have experience, a horseback riding tour is a fun way to spend the day. Many horse rentals combine horseback riding tours with other activities and you can also choose from a few hour ride to a multi-day tour.

5. Lagoons and nature baths

There are many nice lagoons with amazing views and facilities around the country. The Secret lagoon, Laugarvatn Fontana, Mývatn nature baths, Hvammsvík hot springs, Geosea, Giljaböð, Skógarböð and Vök Baths, just to name a few. Nice places to visit throughout the year, whether it is under the northern lights in winter or to enjoy the midnight sun in summer.

4. Swimming pools and hot tubs

All over Iceland you will find swimming pools and most of them have hot tubs, cold tubs and slides. Almost all pools in Iceland are outdoors and have heated water which makes them a wonderful place to go for a swim, relax and even chat with the locals, throughout the year.

3. Snowmobile adventure on a glacier

Various companies on the South Coast offer exciting snowmobile tours. Many companies offer combo-tours so you can combine snowmobiling with other activities like a relaxation in a lagoon, ice caving or northern lights hunt in winter.

2. Ice caves

ice cave

Many tour operators offer ice cave tours. You should never go by yourself as you need an experienced guide and the right equipment. If you want to get an idea how an ice cave is without entering a real one, you can always visit The Pearl in Reykjavík. There you will find a man made ice cave and explore it safely. It is 100 meters long and one of its kind in the whole world. It is cold in there so leave your shorts at home for this visit.

1. River rafting.

If you are up for some action, try river rafting. You can find companies in various parts of Iceland that offer different types of river rafting, suitable for all ages. Get ready for some action and adrenaline kick! And get a great photo to post on social media.

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