Where was Love on Iceland filmed? 

By Michael Chapman

Chloe discovers more than just sheep, mountains and glacier lagoons when her ex-boyfriend, Charlie, arrives on her Iceland vacation unexpectedly...  

Where was Love on Iceland filmed? 

By Michael Chapman

Chloe discovers more than just sheep, mountains and glacier lagoons when her ex-boyfriend, Charlie, arrives on her Iceland vacation unexpectedly...  

Love on Iceland is a Hallmark romantic-comedy directed by Clare Niederpruem and starring Kaitlin Doubleday and Colin Donnell as former partners reigniting their passion while travelling around Iceland.

Doubleday plays the part of Chloe, an overworked American podcaster looking to bring her boss new ideas by taking a trip abroad with her friends, played by Patti Murin and Preston Sadleir. But when Chloe’s ex-boyfriend and high school sweetheart, Charlie (Colin Donnell), tags along without invitation, things soon heat up in unexpected ways—fortunate, given the winter conditions. 

The production marks the first time the Hallmark Channel has used Iceland as a shooting location, and the filmmakers have made the most of the photographic opportunities offered. This is something Love on Iceland does incredibly well, showcasing their exquisite choice of setting with wide sweeping shots that all but pop from the screen. 

Vestrahorn mountain in East Iceland
(Unsplash. Photo Credit. Norris Niman)

One can’t help but get the impression watching Love on Iceland that the filmmakers were grateful for the chance to shoot somewhere other than Canada. Such is the remarkable job they’ve done translating Iceland to the big screen. The film was shot in fifteen days, edited in two weeks, and premiered for the first time in January 2020. 

As with everyone who visits Iceland, the cast members quickly fell head-over-heels with their surroundings and were soon posting pictures from the set on their Instagram accounts.  

‘You couldn’t recreate this place or experience anywhere else in the world,’ Donnell tells Hallmark in a behind-the-scenes interview. ‘The people are amazing. The landscape is just absolutely stunning. And there is this wonderful culture that infuses the way of life here. It makes you feel at home.’

What were the shooting locations of Love on Iceland?

Skógafoss waterfall aurora borealis
Skógafoss Aurora Image by Rebecca Douglas Photography

Love on Iceland (2020) showcases many of the natural attractions that have made this country famous, ranging from its glittering glaciers to its black sand beaches and dramatic waterfalls. Much of the film is shot in South Iceland, which has been attracting international visitors with the diversity of its landscape and awe-inspiring natural landmarks for the last decade.   

Nicknamed as ‘The Crown Jewel of Iceland,’ Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon serves as an early scene in the film. Like all who visit this majestic locale, the central characters are notably breath taken by the site’s ethereal charm and otherworldly aesthetic. Jökulsárlón is known for its floating icebergs, playful seal colony and magnificent views of the national park in which it resides. 

Diamond Beach, only a five minutes stroll from Jökulsárlón, also makes an appearance in Love on Iceland. This volcanic stretch of shore often sees icebergs washing up against the pebbles, creating stark contrasts that are a real feast for the eyes. However, do note the film indicates that the site is easily reachable from Reykjavík, given its where the cast chooses to take a walk after dining out in the city, some 380 km away. 

In truth, we recommend you take a few days to explore the breadth of the South Coast, Diamond Beach included.

A man sits inside an ice cave in Iceland
(Unsplash. Photo Credit: Mattia Crasti)

Chloe and her travel pals also spend time exploring Vatnajökull’s crystalline ice caves, some height above the lagoon. Once again, the filmmakers have excelled in translating just how awe-inspiring these caverns can be, taking extra care to capture shades of blue so vibrant that one could be forgiven for believing CGI enhanced the scene. Not true; Vatnajökull’s ice caves really are that splendid! 

Several other Vatnajökull area shots, including those of Skaftafell Nature Reserve’s luscious hillsides and the creeping glacial tongue, Svínafellsjökull, add to the film’s setting, adding a level of intrigue and depth to the cinematography. 

Other treasures of the South Coast sightseeing trail are also on display, namely the haunting black sand beach, Reynisfjara, and the picturesque waterfall, Seljalandsfoss. At 60 metres high, Seljalandsfoss is always high on the bucket lists of prospective travellers, drawing interest with the narrow pathway that leads directly behind the cascading water—perfect for photographers!

Valahnukamol Reykjanes Iceland
Valahnukamol - Photo by Kevin Pages

Only a short drive away, Dyrhólaey promenade is utilised thanks to its fantastic panoramas over the surrounding countryside, as well as the scenic rock arch that drops sharply into the crashing waves. With incredible views of the shorelines, distant mountains and wide-open ocean, the former-island of Dyrhólaey attracts thousands of nesting seabirds each summer, as well as hundreds of eager twitchers who come to see them.  

In one intimate scene, Chloe and Charlie spend a night in one of our very own Bubbles, which are also found in South Iceland. Fans of the movie love to picture what their stay might be at this novel and immersive choice of accommodation, carefully placed in the lush depths of an Icelandic forest. 

Other locations used were the small town of Hafnarfjörður and the capital city itself, Reykjavík. Love on Iceland does a fabulous job portraying the city as the quaint and highly livable place it is, focusing its lens on the beloved downtown pond, Lake Tjornin, as well as more iconic sights like Hallgrímskirkja Lutheran Church and the glassy architecture of Harpa Concert Hall.

Why should you watch Love on Iceland?

Vatnajökull National Park

If ever there was a film that made you desperate to pack your bags and set-off travelling, then Love on Iceland would be it. With masterful control of the camera and a clear vision of the film being made, the director, Niederpruem, captures the local scenery in such a way as to exemplify its most unique and dramatic qualities.

Even Icelanders who have seen the film, no doubt, concluded its 84-minute runtime with the urge to hop the back-fence and rediscover all their homeland has to offer.

Vatnajökull National Park

Love on Iceland does not shy away from providing a little background information on its setting. The filmmakers have sprinkled interesting facts about Iceland throughout, providing another reason to watch this movie should you be planning a trip here in the near future.

How can you see the locations in Love on Iceland?

If you’re hoping to stay in a bubble just as Chloe and Charlie did in the film, may we direct you to the Guided Tours listed on our main page. 

Iceland honeymoon

A trip such as this is perfect for new couples, honeymooners and devoted partners looking for their next adventure overseas.That’s not to say that the single travellers among us won’t have an incredible time too. 

Who knows in which direction cupid’s arrow points? Iceland is one of the most romantic and enchanting destinations in the world. Falling in love here—and with here, we might add—is not a hard thing to do.